Advanced server ATC Hawaii.

Can we If possible have more ATC in Hawaii? I love flying in Hawaii and like there are so many airports it would be nice to have ATC at all airports

As Advanced ATC’ers we like to vary where we open, and decide that as a team…

We will not move over on a request based on this as you [quote=“Flying_Luc, post:1, topic:46970”]
love flying in Hawaii

If you are holding an event, and let us know in advanced, we try our best to accommodate it. But if not, we open where we choose, and vary which region we open.

Thanks for understanding


Hi man, i Hope you will Understand my english, because iam German, and my english is Not very good 😅

Pls remember, The IFATC Team is around a Team with around 200members, in Different Time zones, we Choose our Area Where werden Control wisely, you will See - if 15 Pilots fly in Amsterdam wie Open Amsterdam to give Great Service for The Pilots, and we have The Plan to Open only one Area But in it so many Airports Are available… But beleave me, Hawaii is a Great Region, also for The ATC’s… Be Patient and you will See we IFATC’s will Open Hawaii… Maybe Not Today Or tomorrow… But we Switch The regions around every day…

I Hope i Can help you 😅👍🏻

Ahhhhhhh i Know now what you want, The Hawaii Region is Controlled By The IFATC Team, but you want more Airports Controlled?

I think The Major Airports Are Controlled, and 1-2 other Airports also, pls remember of wie controll Amsterdam Or SoFlo, there Are over 200 Airports, and we cant controll everyone of this… We want to give The best Service we Can, but PLEASE remember, we also humans with a Real Life, with work, Kids, girl/boyfriends and we live in Different time zones… I think of 5-8 Airports in one Region Open, its Great at this Time…give is our Time, to skill The IFATC Team, to give more Service…
I Hope you Understand me, and The IFATC Team…



Thanks a lot. Guys. I appreciate it. Sorry for bothering you

Ohh I remember you. You took off from PHOG. I was your controller at the time.

Yeah I did. Great ATC ing. Thanks. I was the Virgin America A320. Love the Hawaii region

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