Advanced player info displays


Here’s a concept I designed. Again.

It’s basically a UI advancement that allows pilots to tap other pilot’s ‘Airplane dots/circles’ causing a box to pop up displaying useful information such as their airspeed, altitude, heading and destination if entered. This will be both informative and fun! Allowing pilots to see players’ settings and flight details.

It’s another rough design, but with tweaking and support it could be one hell of a feature! Thoughts please.



Do you mean stats like standing violations etc etc?

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I’ll get on that soon

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Very cool…

This would be grest incentive to buy live


That’s a really nice concept bro!

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Nice idea I want that

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This seems like a great idea ! Would like to see this implemented into the game

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What can I say? Fantastic!

👍👍👍 Absolutely Cool and Nice!

Thanks guys appreciate it, will give the debs something to work on, will need a lot of tweaking!

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Change the button designs you mean?v

I like it :)