Advanced options on IFATC in the future?

Hello Guys,

I have only been controlling on the “casual” and “training” server so far but I have a few questions.

Are there options currently or maybe in future revisions to get taxiways name (ie: A,B,C,…) and holding points ident to guide traffic to a certain route? It would greatly aid GND traffic management.

A voice option would also be a big game changer…

A big part of the frustration during control is the players that do not “obey” ATC instructions, and therefore messing all your work. How do you guys deal with this? If at all.




Hey, taxiway names have been mentioned in the past but are still a work in progress. A big issue with them is that the can complicate things more than necessary and create more problems for ground controllers. If your interested, make sure to apply for IFATC. Usually the pilots are a little more cooperative;)

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Hello, Tim! Thanks for the feedback. We don’t have plans for an additional server or any sort of voice ATC at the moment. Our text-based interface keeps things accessible for our global audience who may not be as fluent with english while also offering a safe experience free of moderation concerns.

That said, we are in fact working on more specific ground instructions and have a wide range of ATC improvements in the pipeline. At the moment we’re hard at work on some backend improvements to multiplayer that pave the way for these features. Once done we’ll hit the ground running!

As someone else already mentioned, consider joining IFATC if you’re after a more pro ATC experience! We’ve got a team of over 500 controllers ready to welcome you on board. Cheers!


@Mxrzy , @Tyler_Shelton thank you for the answers.

I am eager to have those updates in hand, but patience! The current version of IF is already such a good game. I really enjoy it. Excellent work.

Your concern are completely understandable, voice can be a problem in the wrong hands.

I just applied for IFATC and I am now in the recruitment process.

Looking forward to read you all soon.




Will someone ever mention that its a two way street? How many Controllers on Training are doing just that learning too.

I’m tired of dumping a well thought out arrival following a published STAR , to receive Vectors and altitude changes then the controller goes off line !
and I’m left trying to get back to a flight plan. Or if a plane is on a well used STAR that and there isnt traffic conflicts don’t deviate them, because you want to. Learn your airports , all of us. Know the patterns and flow used in real life.
A good place to look as a Pilot is the few good "Plane Spotter’s " guides online. Gives runway usage patterns and traffic flow for many airports.

I’m sure the ratio is biased to Pilots that don’t follow ATC but hey Controllers get your controlled planes to the airport then log off.

To the controller who dumped me 2000 ft lower and out in space than my filed flight plan into London City last week Thanks ! Maybe you got bored since traffic was light ???

@phoenix74 you are completely right! It’s a two way street. Both are to be following a logic path. I hope it’s to be found in the expert server.

I agree and always try to leaf after a clean slate. However sometimes it gets unexpexted bussy. But I always broadcast my closing. Still it is good for all ATC to keep this in mind.
If I fly I just consider it a challenge if I’m instructed to do things although I don’t see the need for it. Or: request departure 😁

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I see it as a challenge, a lesson in endurance. Pilots on training want to fly, they dont hold position when you instruct them. But they are my clients, I’m there to provide them with the correct service. So, when someone enters the runway without clearence and than asks to cross runway (instead of ready for departure) I just give them clearence when possible.
I would encourage though to add extra information for some commands, a question mark to click if you don’t know what it means. Maybe that results in less ‘remaining in the pattern’ when the fly out.

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“Please read back and clarify” Something like that ?

@phoenix74 I would think that all there is to know is in the Manuals…

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True but many starting pilots go for flying first which is quite understandable. A manual is something you use when you can’t find it intuitively. Should not be to difficult to give short information on the most important aspects of communication with ATC. The 3 most common misunderstandings and rather disturbing for ATC to my opinion:

  1. Cross runway (request departure)
  2. Departure in sequence (when only one aircraft holding short)
  3. Remaining in the pattern (flying out).
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I have found that regardless of the “expect runway XX” they will push in the same direction as others even though it is the wrong way.

  • why not a “push approved facing (north/south/…) expect runway XX”

Would it then get too complicated…maybe!


In the case of a busy airport, and multiple aircrafts stacking up at the holding point. A sequencing message can be sent, i.e:”you are number 4 for departure…” could a small number be displayed next to the aircraft ident ? This would help the controller to get a good sequencing, specially when users are not respecting the holding point queuing?

That ident would be decremented as soon as N°1 is Cleared for Take off or LUAW ?

How do you guys manage your queuing A/C



We encourage pilots to take off from an intersection. You’re not jumping the queue by doing so.

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Controllers on expert can vector you off your flight plan to expedite your arrival, this is normal and should be expected. If controllers on training are doing that then they’re not in the wrong.

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Of course, I know that, but at some point on a busy airport you can forget who’s who… but I maybe am not that well organized…

Yes its normal to issue vectors I did’nt say thats wrong ! You conveniently omitted my point.

They logged off…no hand off just left me way off flight plan in limbo and some traffic. My burden to re-establish a safe and correct landing. Read it again.

Defend ATC always on IF. They are above any critique. Always the pilots fault and burden even if you are directed to fly straight into the ground or in this case they just left the game.

Full Stop.

Hi & thanks for posting.

Generally, an ATC would make a best attempt to clear most pilots who are inbound & specially those who’ve been vectored off flight plan. However, when there’s a switchover at a busy hub, or if the controller needs to log out in an emergency and if someone is left off the flight plan, my suggestion would be to try & rejoin the flight plan as safely as possible (which is probably what you did), considering the other aircraft in the vicinity.

I understand that it may be annoying, but there might be a reason for the ATC to sign out. Also, it’s likely that he missed asking you to “continue as filed”.

Happened to me on LSZH approach earlier today as I had to sign out in a hurry with a lot of inbounds as I started loosing aircraft frequently & i was not sure if there was a network issue at my end. I had a few pilots that i had vectored off flight plan for efficient alignment & sequencing, who i could not get back on their plans before my exit. Im sure that there must have been some confusion for pilots & the new radar controller (generally, we are trained to read the message history but with a lot of inbounds approaching, there’s bound to be some confusion).

Reason why we generally defend other ATCs is that they have been specifically trained & generally would not create a stressful situation for a pilot intentionally. However, everyone (including pilots) has a bad day once in a while & sorry if youve been caught up in such a situation.

Happy flying.


Will this be only for expert server?!

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