Advanced Live Server XP

For some reason, it seems like the amount of XP changes every few months. Last week, I had enough xp points to be on the Advanced Server. But a couple days ago, they increased it to 15,000 points. I have just over 9,500 xp points. Has anyone else been having this issue? Is it intentional that the required XP goes up and down? or is it a glitch?

It should stay at the higher end now. I think it was changed around a bit just to see what the correct level should be. Not a glitch


I do too now its 25000 xp

But mine did the same and now its standing 100% and 25000 xp

I mentioned in another thread that they should notify people when it’s being changed, because it is really annoying otherwise.

I noticed that the Advanced Server has increased XP again because the Expert Server was offline. I expect it’ll go down again (to 15k) if they get the Expert Server back up.

The XP system doesn’t even work anyway, but oh well.