Advanced Kind of Spotting @ KJFK


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to check out some images on my journey to Salt Lake City for a week to see some friends. These are all from the the best, John F. Kennedy (take it up in the complaints department if you disagree because I don’t wanna hear it).

@ToasterStroodie caught tryina throw my luggage. 💀

(For legal purposes that is a joke)

Wing view of this beautifully cut grass in the background.

Some pilots may say it is immature, however at JFK we do things differently. :)

Comment down below how much everything on that ramp costs added up. You know why I’m not doing it? Because I’m lazy, so deal with it.

Post 200 meter dash down Papa and Quebec! Guess who came in 1st? 😤

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to shoot a reply here regarding this flight, and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Flight Number: JBU71 Aircraft Number: N828JB

We are currently in some severe turbulence over Kansas and my cranberry juice is going to spill. If someone could please give me some tips on how to make it not spill during an absolute attack on this aircraft, thanks. :)



In order to preserve the utmost confidence and security of the Sacred Cranberry Juice, please follow these instructions exactly.

  1. Thou shalt not have thine tray table down.
  2. Thou shalt hold thine Sacred Cranberry Juice in a manner so as to be in line with the g-forces of the aeroplane.
  3. Thou shalt not spill thine Sacred Cranberry Juice lest thou be forsaken by the Gods of the Salt Late International Airport upon thine arrival.
  4. Thou shalt expeditiously consume thine Sacred Cranberry Juice with no regards to the natural consequence of the unfortunate yet necessary ailment of “the Hiccups”.
  5. Thou shalt not use the lavatory for the rest of thine flight lest thou endeavor to consume more of the Sacred Cranberry Juice.

I wish you the best of luck and would like to kindly remind you to protect the order of the Sacred Cranberry Juice.

Safe Travels!


  1. That sounded like a Shakespeare essay.

  2. Thanks for the advice, I will keep an eye on this.

Thanks, and have a nice night. :)

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Drink the cranberry juice.

Do not forsake the Sacred Cranberry Juice.

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Can anyone answer this? Let’s see…


Judging from the standard price of an Airbus 320, and seeing as there are 4 of them (not sure about the one on the far left because I can’t see the whole plane), I’d wager your total in aircraft alone is around


I hope you enjoy this information and your dimly lit cabin for the next 3-5 hours.

Safe Travels!


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You already know it

It’s an A320-200 :)

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Oh yeah my bad that’s probably right, just add a bunch of zeros on the end

Let’s keep things appropriate, shall we? :)

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Don’t worry about it 😂

You know I am talking about everything in the image, right?

I wagered an estimate for the planes alone. I have no idea about anything else in the image. Sowwy.

This comment is amazing

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For the sake of all you guys and the concern around this cranberry juice, I am going to show mercy. Here is the result after the turbulence:

Now, no more questions about the cranberry juice. Let’s from now on keep this as flight-related as we can, shall we? :)


Heya All!

Stay tuned in the next hour for some SLC images! Anyone at SLC right now, feel free to PM me for nice spotting areas before my flight!

Have a nice evening.

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