Advanced, EGLC atc Directing landing and takeoff with tailwind

6kt is not much but normally you always want to land or takeoff with headwind.

Is there a standard for what is actuall limit for takeoff/landing limit for spec aircraft (with consideration of rwy length and weight)

Half name of atc is erased. If you are here feel free to answer if you wan’t.

Thank you for not publicly naming the controller!

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For most larger types, 10 knots is the limit, since LCY is primarily served with compact jets, it should not be an issue.

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I stand corrected, thanks.

Within limits, barely.

Now hold on there, the controller decides which runway to use, most of the time the runway he was using eventually changed due to the wind. There are two scenarios as to why he send you to land with this tailwind. 1. He didn’t want traffic back taxing 2. Traffic is already sent to that runway.

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what is the name of your app?

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I am more familiar with the Boeing 737-800 but I would have said the same, the tailwind limit is 5kts.

What is the name off that app

Looks like HMC Crosswind Calculator.

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Max Sez; Said it once and I’ll say it again! Get rid of the runway color codes!
The color codes were added back in the day for the fledglings who kept landing with a tail wind and into opposing traffic pre-live. We’ve moved forward delete the color codes. This argument is redundant and stale.


It is the HMC Crosswind Calculator.