Advanced Controller Status

//Aimed at all controllers, both playground and advanced.

This is a pretty simple post. Once you become and advanced server controller, this does not mean you are there for life.

To the playground guys who want to become a controller, to aid with you chances of getting in, refrain from any comments on the forum or groups such as ‘once I become an ATC I will just ghost everyone’, or ‘once I am ATC, I’ll ghost Matt for a joke’. Anything like this will be noticed by recruiters and your chances of become a controller will plummet.

To the new controllers on the advanced server already, and in particular the large numbers of new controllers that will be on once theory resumes, you cannot become complacent. You have to maintain professionalism at all times as you are constantly being evaluated and assessed by everyone. If you act unprofessionally and immaturely on the forum, groups or when controlling, do not think that your position is safe just because you are an advanced controller.

//ATC Recruitment Team


How long until it resumes


Erick Caro’s status as a advanced controller should be evaluated. Very disappointing experience @ MIA on 8/6. 30 minutes wasted.


Great post! I do believe infinite flight is going to be like the next “FSX” BUT BETTER! and we need smart, knowledgably, and mature controllers.

Good luck to all!

Castle 55

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If anyone has feedback on my controlling feel free to pm me. I usually control London City on the advanced server. I want to make your experience on the advanced server as good as it can be!

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Wait what, I thought I did my very best and maturely way in controlling MIA on 8/6. My apologies if, I did dissapointed you with my poorly experience. This really means a lot in how bad I do on it and I hope to become a better ATC on the playground one day for all of you excellent pilots. 😓

Will there be anymore chances for me in becoming an ATC Advanced server in the future? Can you tell me my error or at least a clue to enhance my skills? I would appreciate that.

Thanks man appreciate that 😃

Hey misha, how do i become a controller again? Ive been out for a while and i think its time to get back in.