Advanced collision and parking

I think that we should add aircraft collision on the advanced server, so if people hit each other they will have to reset to parking. This adds more realism to the simulator, because in real life you can’t ride through other planes. This would also make people play more seriously.

Another request is that when someone chooses a parking space, that parking space should either come as"booked" or “occupied” until the person leaves, or you can install a time limit like maybe 2 minutes until it shows the parking slot as free. This also adds realism as in real live you never have 2 aircraft in each other at the same gate.


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MsxSez: “Return to Parking”. There’s an old Topic in the archive on this recommendation. Check it out.


What if I’m just taxiing along and I get rear ended? That’s not my fault, but I’ll still get reset.

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That’s not what I meant, when you choose your airport you get to choose a gate too. So once you choose your gate and spawn that gate should be booked or blocked for a few minutes.

Reset isn’t a violation or ghosting. It keeps your flight time and stats and all it does is shift you to the parking slot. It’s free teleportation.

Also I think that the person who was moving at a higher speed or that has made first contact should be reset.

But in reality it would be both planes.

There’d be too many trolls crashing into everyone.


thats why it should be for advanced. Do it on purpose and you get ghosted

What if there isn’t a controller around to ghost?

I feel like it should be the person who makes first contact, like OP said, and if he’s trolling everyone on the server then you could report him and you could comment what he did.


Meh, this is okay. Some people make mistakes. Sometimes, instead of hitting the brake button, I might accidentally hit the autopilot by mistake, or hit it, but it’s too late.


Remember, all mistakes have a cost, that’s why the penalty isn’t so harsh. It’s just going to teleport you to parking, you will still have your fpl and flight time and everything.


Yeah, but if you are next for clearance in a 14 aircraft line, (KSAN rush hour), and you accidentally hit the aircraft, because it was suddenly invisible. It would be very angry.

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My one is sort of different. Instead you can’t choose that option, it blocks that gate.

That’s what mine says, in the first sentece…

I don’t know all the answers, it was just a suggestion :D

It doesn’t say that it blocks the gate, it says that it notifies the other pilots with a light. My way is that you literally can’t click on the gate to spawn there.