Advanced ATC

I was wondering if there was a timetable for it or if there could be so us as the pilots know when and where ATC will be available.

Sorry if there already is one. If there is could you send me a link to it. Thanks

The IFATC team (which I’m part of) don’t have any timetable as we have a live too, we can’t announce when ATC will be active as we can’t see what will happen in the future (like everyone). We all have a family and all work or study; that’s simply why. Life is full of surprises, we simply can’t avoid that; but this is making life special. :-)
Enjoy flying on Advanced when ATC is active.


Just as @Adrien said, ATC is done on a volunteer basis, and for that reason is not always available. We try our best; however, to provide excellent service as frequently as possible :)


Nicely said Nicholas.

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Hi Matt, whilst no timetable, if you look on the app, either under the ATC PG or ADV servers you can see not only where ATC is active but also where other pilots are flying in the regions.

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