Advanced ATC statement on Flight Following

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make an announcement here.
This also apply to VFR

Following a hard and disobliging complain that put me in a bad mood this morning, I wanted to communicate on this.

Effective from now, and on advice of Chief ATCO Tyler Shelton here is how we will work with people requesting flight following (FF).

Just for your personal good pilot knowledge, Air Traffic Control everywhere in the world works on radar vectors, at least for Jet Aircrafts. In real life, you CANNOT request flight following on a jet aircraft and at least above 18,000ft.

Chief ATCO asked me, and after all Advanced server ATCO to keep it simple, so here is how it will work:
If you request FF on a calm airspace, we’ll let you alone flying your FP

If FF is requested in a crowded airspace, and ruining our sequence, we’ll kindly ask you to follow our instructions or this will be considered as a non-following instructions situation. This situation is at controller’s discretion.

Hope this will be understood to everyone.
Hope you guys are having a nice one Ă©moticĂ´ne wink
Safe landings
// Advanced ATC 2


A great post my friend and just to add to this I think Flight Following should be updated to a specific route that is available to be seen by both pilot and ATC!

Please note I am not posting a feature this is just an addition to the info in the post! Also any regulars mods feel free to edit the post til your hearts content!

Great post though!

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ATC moderator Tyler Shelton reported this issue to Matt ;)

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No worries!

Can they add minimum altitude next to flight following in bracket (FL…)in the button? I don’t think many people know what altitude they should ask flight following.



If I may also add to that. If your flying advance server that means you hopefully are getting away from the numbskulls on the PG server. Which means be mindful to other traffic around you AND when trying to make a call. be prepared for this stuff. Let an ATC control what he needs to, HE WILL GET TO YOU! be patient. If you don’t hear anything within a certain amount of time THEN call back. If they don’t answer you then you probably talking o the wrong person and they are ignoring you OR your intentions are not making sense to what your doing.

Personally preference when flying and I hear it all the time is ATC will more then likely CALL you altitude… stop requesting. Keep climbing, If a controller doesn’t like your altitude he will ask for you to adjust.

Be mature… if you are descending and flying at FL 110 and they ask to you slow down and maintain 080 don’t say unable… because they are more then likely trying to vector you the right way to what THEY need you to do.

I constantly see the “unable” and get frustrated when someone asks for FF or RV. Do not ask for anything if your not willing to comply with the instructions.

Thank you for your cooperation!

( I know this probably isn’t that big of an issue (on advance) but I hear it all the time listening to the traffic)

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In SoCal, approaches and centers are so crowded I don’t use ILS approaches anymore. This was after I found out ATC controllers weren’t computers. I bet if you went on an approach tower in the New York region, you’d be one of the only people on the frequency and get vectored to the last detail. Of course, SoCal is the only region I use because I’m not the best pilot and I like realism. Okay, maybe too much realism. So, back on topic, I always get ignored, except for a couple times a month ago. Even when I’ve controlled approaches I only give vectors if I remember. It’s too much, either you need an experienced controller to take over, even in ATC Playground, or in real life you’d need as many of me as there are planes.

Since there is this bug of the “fixed point”, I takeoff from an airport which is pretty close to my destination (the destination airport is the one covered by ATC).
So I takeoff, Approach asks me to contact him/her, got a “Say intentions” message, I answer saying that I would like to climb to my cruise altitude (usually 8.000 ft), got a confirmation, then another “Say intentions”, and obviously I answer with a FF request to the destination airport, cause at that time (while climbing to the assigned altitude) I don’t want to be guided to the airport.
Once I’ve reached my altitude, after some seconds I ask for the ILS approach.

Is this Tyler Shelton too busy or something for putting his own advices into the forum?

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Actually yes, yes he is sometimes.

He is busy working in a real tower ;)
We are used to work as a team. Everybody is doing part of the job that have to be done!