Advanced ATC sending everyone to wrong runway

I just came back from a session of Advanced ATC with the ground controller @MarcelloM

After being approved for pushback, he sent me to runway 25, which was red and the wrong runway when runway 25 was green.

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Winds are only 090 @ 5 kts. Runway 25 is the preferred runway at KEGE. Red does NOT mean closed.


That’s right, you tell them Tom 🍻


Check this out:


Hi,all runways was green,and in one moment 25 became red but i had 6 plane in inbound so no time to switch runway and as @anon66442947 said the wind so slow.


I took off remaining in the pattern and then was told to change frequency twice. Go figure.

I was in PG(Pre Advanced Days) at SoCal and Ground sent everyone to 24L while I was right next to 25L

Probably a misunderstanding/miscommunication event. Mistakes happen you know?

Haha that sounds absolutely normal :-)

I’m sick of “Mistakes” on the Advanced ATC, either it’s a popularity promotion system or people aren’t being tested/trained correctly. My mistakes mean I get ghosted. But we have no power back. I would quite happily pass a flight/written test to fly on advanced and then have the power to ghost others.

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We are trying to use the runway which has ILS, especially at mountainous areas. Wind is not a problem till 15KT.

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I know there are obviously mistakes, but are you trying to say there are too many? Of course they all can’t be moderated, so the IFATC has to decide there and then what is the best for everyone (that is why it’s called Live, people) :-)

Yes, yes there are too many. We only see a fraction of the incidents that happen. I messaged a controller earlier about an issue, and I publicly created a topic as the commands were so gross which was hidden from public view.

Because you know public negativity is not tolerated in the communist state.

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Haha I get it! Just notifying them personally is the best option, you don’t need to tell the whole world of a simple mistake. If you want to see mistakes go to playground! And just to tell you real world controllers do make errors plus they are all adults, while some IFATC are only 14. It’s the only way they can get better at it for use when older.

@Sundayflyer I understand you. But please try to understand us, we are dealing with high traffic volume, sometimes we are working without approach which is hard for one controller, please better think before complaining about just a frequency change approval. MOD team is here to help everybody, we are getting demoted already when we make mistakes, ghostings being reversed. There is justice…


@Sundayflyer what are talking about??never send you a FC, if you remember in the pattern with you was 2 IFATC members,and before to complain a IFATC be sure to be right.and ours mistake cost suspension…thank you


also, I don’t know the forum system about complaints. Feel free to complain here with screenshots about the problem. We are talking with users via DM. Mod team closes topics when the problem is solved I guess.

Sorry for the complaint. Thanks for clearing things up.


Where on earth have you gotten that from? Each person who applies for IFATC does so by their own choice and are then tested twice on ground/tower control

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From what I understand,

ATC is never wrong.

Unless they are… on playground
Just kidding. Listen to them :P.

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