Advanced ATC numbers are growing!

For the past 2 weeks I have counted over 65 advanced controllers, giving more pilots more opportunity to fly in a nicely controlled environment. Good can only come out of this and it’s nice to see a recent spike in traffic volume. Great work to all new and old ATC.


Everyone in IFATC appreciates the kind words :) Thanks!


Thanks for the great comment! We are getting many new controllers every week and the number of hopeful controllers in training is huge! We are looking forward to what the future brings to IFATC.


Haha thanks!

It’s great to be recognized! The Advanced Controller team is on a steady incline, showing more eagerness than ever to learn and put forth some outstanding service. This can’t be accomplished without a great pilot core. It’s cool to see everyone grow together!


We do appreciate the kind words here. Keep up the great work everyone :)

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I hope to make it 66. But I got 68% on my test.

Couldn’t agree more. As advance controllers our first priority is to provide the best experience possible and to make it close to the real world as possible. But again we have to have the correct commands and flying from the pilots side.


Just as IFATC almost reached 1 year of existence. Thanks!

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Well… @Maxwell291 said what i wanted to say, but yeah its great - we really try to do our vest! Thanks

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