Advanced ATC Needed @KPDX

We have approach but not Ground/Tower.

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I’ll come get it.


Thanks Sam. I’m inbound as Horizon 88VK.

I was there in my C208 but the 27kt winds ended my touch and goes shortly :(

…And now I’m worried about landing my Dash.


You should be more worried about immediately shooting to thirty knots in your Dash and nearly hitting a plane I told you to give way to. ;)


I should of worried more, my left gear sunk when I landed. :P

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And I held short of 16L instead of crossing like you told me so I could watch the bad landing behind me… I requested rwy crossing since I didn’t cross immediately and you told me to follow instructions. Got ya. Sorry 'bout that.

Thought I instructed you to cross 16L… fairly sure I did, but oh well. Too many guys were bearing up behind you.

Did you see me? My landing was hilarious! #mylandingsaremegalolz

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Yes you did, but I forgot and held short. I need to see bad landings to feel better about myself.

@B767fan, I don’t think you were the one behind me. Whoever was behind me in a q400 landed and was blown off the rwy by the crosswind. Mine wasn’t too great because my finger slipped off the rudder and turned my camera view to the side just as I touched. I somehow saved it though. Lol.

Lol, dude. xD

Anyway, once you’ve been cleared, don’t worry about asking again. If I have to change my mind and have you hold short, then I will.

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I was Horizon 88VK. I landed, my gear got stuck and then I ended up in a wild spin.

Lol. Oh well. The conditions were not too great. Pretty turbulent along with the winds.


Go in solo and set crosswind to 49 knts. The dash lands so easily. But add any turbulence and it’s a real pain.

That is true. Even a 10KNT is bad.