Advanced ATC @KASE

So I was parked up at KASE, tuned into Ground. I noticed that the controller cleared a plane for take-off before the aircraft that had landed was off the runway. I also noticed the lack of communication with the aircraft exiting the runway.

It was the person controlling now (Not gonna name and shame).

(Never got ghosted)


PM the controller or an IFATC staff member, it’s probably better than publicly criticising them :)

I know. I just wanted to see if anyone else had problems.

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KASE is a trap!!!


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I was at KASE about 20 minutes ago, the controller was doing a great job there.

My bigger concern was the lack of aircraft going around when traffic was on the runway. It’s kinda illegal to land when another plane is on the runway. Anyhow that’s another rant for another day.

Was the controllers name IFATC Paul?

I hate KASE.


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No. The airport.

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They rather land and blame it on the controller for not telling them to go around facepalm


i was 6hrs ago at Denver Region KASE, I had little crosswind beetween on mountains amazing heavy to Land

Once you see the exiting plane “commit” to the turn off the runway, you can clear for takeoff…of course a few factors help decide this, but that’s a good one to go off…go look at Tyler Shelton’s new video on tower basics! It mentions this…the lack of exiting commands could be a problem though…

Please PM the controller… No need to guess names. Tyler requested that we do not respond to these threads. Yes, I know KASE is difficult (Vectoring the testers into mountains) so the controller may have had a rough time… but please listen to Tyler!

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Please talk to the controller via PM :)