Advanced ATC confusion

So I and many other players were on the advanced server at KSAN. As taxied to runway 09 I switched to tower ready for takeoff. However I was asked twice to contact ground? I obliged and contacted KSAN ground, though nothing was to be said? So I switched back to tower. It was very muddled and seemed the ATC had no idea what he/she was doing, planes were taking off both ends of the runway, planes taking of into planes coming in on final! There’s planes had to taxi through other planes!

Have NO idea how he passed the test! :)

Sorry for the rant, possibly not a proper ATC?

Who is the ATC??

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Some users have reported a bug which allows the access to the Advanced server ATC section even if they haven’t passed any tests.

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Harry what was his name?

I’ve forgotten haha, but I think it the name started with Y it was wierd, sort of Russian like, no prefix like IFFG just a plain name. Sorry :/


We can’t really do anything without a name. Next time just take a quick screenshot of the controller. Helps to resolve the issue faster ((:

If you’re the second plane in line of holding short of the runway, you probably shouldn’t switch to the tower frequency anyway (which may be why they asked you to change back). It’s better to use and contact the tower frequency when you’re first in line holding short, and ready for takeoff.

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To be pedantic, it isn’t ‘better to’ do it. It is the only time to do it

perhaps he just arrived there himself and was trying to straighten it up. For some reason if KSAN is left unattended for any length of time everyone wants to land and take off from 09. But we will never know who to ask without a name. We can’t be sure if this was even on the advanced server.

Harry you got all the pics but unfortunately not the one needed…the pic which shows the controller’s name 😄😄

I don’t believe this is completely accurate.

I did have one, but I don’t usually like name dropping. But, I will know who it is when I see his name again.

You can switch to Tower, but don’t request for takeoff until you are the first in line.

It’s scarier that you push throttles with the parking brakes set :D

I never request unless first in line. And I had my throttle up because the person in front was about to move forward.

Release brakes first then move the throttle.

Thank you.