Advanced ATC Commands Tutorial-Tower

ATC Advanced Commands Tutorial-Tower

Hi! I am going to explain and define some More Advanced Commands that a controller can use!

Transition-This means that an aircraft wants to pass through tower airspace. You can authorize it do so at the altitude you feel is necessary to ensure proper separation.

Departure-This means that the aircraft will be exiting tower airspace in a certain direction. (North,East,South&West)
This is something to consider when there is lots of other traffic around.

Freqeuncy Change Approved-In real life, It would normaly depend on whether a flight is VFR or IFR, but since that is not clearly announced on Live, The best option is to send an “Frequency change approved,good day” message as soon as an aircraft is airborne.

@Tyler_Shelton @Axel_Beder @John_Preston21 @Swang007 Feel free to use this for new recruits!

Thanks Guys!


Although I am not an Adv ATC, that’s what I do for frequency changes. But when let’s say WSSS_APP is online or WMKJ_TWR is online, I’ll hand the aircraft off to the respective frequencies though we don’t do that in real life at all for the latter…

In real life the controller will hand the plane over to departure frequency shortly after takeoff.
In IF departure isn’t always online (especially on advanced), so then you most likely hand off to app or center if either are active. That is ok to do.

Problem is when I’m online, there’s no APP controller…

Well then you just say “approved good day” as he said:) But it is ok to hand off to app, dep, or center if they are currently online.

Yea that’s what I said… The lack of adjacent controllers contribute to the lack of realism :(

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I guess on IF, Tower and Ground frequencies are the most engaging. I have not seen an approach who stays on the frequency long enough or announce their closure on the frequency.

Of course, all this are only relatable to PG experience since im still currently on PG. There are plenty of tutorials around so far for the use of tower and ground but quite short of approach yet.

So not many people want to take a role they are not familiar with. On top of that, being Departure, Approach or Centre means pilots on PG know how to use the ‘unable’ as and when they dislike you. They seem to prefer contacting tower.

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Indeed. Everybody ignored my instructions… I cry sia!

I have never been given the correct commands/vectors from an approach controller on the playground. You really need to experience an advanced approach controller to realize how much easier they make your flight.