Advanced ATC at YSSY

At around 20:00z I was controlling at YSSY/Sydney on advanced. Apologies to those who I Denied entry to. Thank you to most of you who complied it made a huge difference. The reason why was because I had mass amounts of ground traffic and a growing departure line. Thanks again for everyone who diverted or transitioned it means a lot as I was able to clear almost all departures before some landed.


I actually remember you controlling there at the time. I don’t know if you remember me ( probably not because of the amount of aircraft) but, I was Qantas 432 Super (747-400) and when you started to deny entry I was on final. I looked at the map and a huge line of aircraft waiting to take off. I would just like to say you did a great job controlling that amount of traffic and I do agree that it was necessary to reroute planes in that situation. Nice controlling.


Thank you, as a matter of fact I do remember you and you were one of the last inbounds in.

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@Bob I apologize, i went to this, and I was in a Cessna 172 and i kept hitting the wrong ATC buttons, when I was cleared for takeoff, I tried to press the “Cleared for Takeoff” button in green, but I accidentally requested take off. Also, my internet connection kept disconnecting, so I had to reconnect it manually. This resulted in my plane disappearing and re appearing multiple times. I believe that because of this, and aircraft had to go around because I disappeared and re appeared while lined up and waiting. I apologize for all of that, and my Callsign was N977JP.


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