Advanced and no ATC? Why?

I’m sure this is an easy question but why is there no ATC when I’m flying Advanced Server?

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You’re probably just flying when no controllers happen to be controlling.

EGBB and EGKK are active right now in the London region.


You can also request for an airport to be opened :)


We only have a limited amount of controllers and they aren’t always aviable to control. We do have personal things to attend to IRL and we always try to have at least 1 facility open around the clock.

Ok thanks. So different controllers for advanced and playground?

Advanced controllers are certified to control, and are members of the IFATC team.

Playground on the other hand, can be controlled by anyone (except IFATC members according to IFATC rules)


Ok thanks for the info. There must be very few of them out there. I’ve only been in contact with one of them several months ago. The rest of the time it’s been uncontrolled air space. Not very fun.
Hope more will be coming onboard

When do you fly?

Yea they aren’t there all the time… You could ask them to open a facility though… especially if you want to fly in Advanced for an event you’ve created :)

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Yeah and the nice controllers (me) will open up for you and even get some other controllers to come along too lol

Mornings, days and nights.

Is there a specific time zone, or range of hours (in Zulu)?

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