Advance User training


So my thought of a feature.

In settings for users their should be a button that takes you to a scenario screen! here are the scenarios.
(On Board Sub menu)
On Board passenger sickness.
On Board Threat.
On Board Drunk.

(System Sub menu)
Engine failure
Rudder failure
Gear failure

(Enviroment sub menu)
Pressure changes that cause a plan to drop
Lightning strike
Bird hit, cause either engine failure or cabin pressure failure if window breaks.
Freeze (cause flaps or rudders to freeze)

So my idea is when a user selects on of these categories, there is a tick timer on during flight time and depending on a randomly generated number between 300-60000 seconds each tick is a second and increases till it reaches that number and caused incident and pilot instinct is needed.

Or just have an advanced pilot training button in the menu.
And allow the system to choose a scenario randomly without telling the user that it will happen, but just randomly happen.



Scenarios like passenger missing the flight so we have to decrease pax and lagguage weights?? Sorry mate just trolling😁😁


Lol I would delete the app so fast if that was added…

Long live the DC-9!


Go fly XPlane… There’s enough havoc on IF already. Let’s get the ATC fully operational before we venture into the “Emergency Proceedures” realm! Just Sayin, PanPanPan, Mad Max Sends


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You mean a drunk guy that threatens the flight? If he gets out of his seat I’d just pull up as hard as I can and accelerate to make him fly to the back of the plane.


Lol I would turn back towards the gate and kick the motherucer off the plane myself.


Long live the DC-9!


honestly…not sure if to take it seriously or have the joke of my day…ROTFF @Maxmustang @divebuddha @Boeing707…your calling is stand up comedy…


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