Advance Tutorial Required for Expert Server Use

Hello IFC!

I was thinking after a reply on a different thread by @Drew_Vollenweider. As I am seeing IF progress and develop the more I see people getting confused how to use and interact with IFATC or in general. Thus my idea:

An Advanced Tutorial requirement for Expert Server.

Whats the points behind this. Prior to your first flight on Expert Server the pilot will have a alert appear on their screen directing them to watch the video with a timer limited to the video time. This will repeat for all important tutorials. At the end there will be a link to the forum, link to the ATC manual and User Guide.

I encourage anyone to contribute to this with any ideas and or concerns I think this will decrees reports and confusion.


Definitely need it! Voted 🗳

Yeah, this is a great idea. Voted

To be honest I don’t see people caring about watching the videos at all. There are already many indicators to visit the user guide from the home screen and loading screen. You can’t expect someone to watch a video in a sitting. They may not care and just play the video to get it over with while doing something else. :)


I can agree with you on this point but idk how many times I have seen people trying and wanting to do everything correct but just don’t know how to. Thus this if they would be required to watch the videos prior to their first flight on expert server maybe they would know more still would have to learn but they would sure know more than just jumping directly into ES and possibly get reported.

This would be good to have. Gran Turismo has something similar, before you race online you have to take a short course that goes over rules and etiquette. If people don’t want to watch it, too bad for them. I have to disagree with the notion that if people wanted to learn they could, because I go on Infinite Flight’s social media and still see many people asking for things to be added to the game and then being surprised that there is a forum for it.

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excellent idea! we need to reduce noobs in expert server coz sometimes all i hear is "please check the user guide "

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Thank you @Mafiaviation @bbrockairbus @Riskie @Aceorbit

@Aceorbit it would be similar and beneficial I believe

(I have run out of likes XD)

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As I’ve seen people use red runways, I’ll put a vote in. Let me clear one.

Thanks chris!

But that’s not necessarily wrong. You can use whatever runway you want to as long as it doesn’t interfere with ATC instructions or disturbs someone else


I believe he is referring to the people who do not understand the colors. ETC

Which you are also correct red runways can be used for up to 10knt winds

But for the sake of realism I always tend to want people to use an appropriate runway. I’m all about realism and don’t want the Expert Server to fall off. I’d like it to be like the old Expert Server days.

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I personally am constantly on the look out for new videos pertaining to IF and tutorials and guides. There’s always something else to learn.

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The thing I hate to see the most is a pilot that freaks out and ends their flight because they’re receiving an instruction that they don’t know how to handle.

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The best tutorial is the official Infinite Flight User Guide, because it covers all the information and technical details that pilots need to know to fly on the Expert Server. All violations are explained in the guide in details with pro tips from Infinite Flight Staff on how to fly professionally and avoid system or ATC issued violations.

Most importantly, the User Guide is under constant updates to include latest rules and procedures implemented in Infinite Flight. All pilots need to do is read the guide through, and check it regularly for latest additions and revisions :)


Exactly. Here is the difficulty in that, videos are more intriguing to the viewer. Also a timer could be set for the user with the exact time of the video. Though we could have a reminder at the beginning that this will help you learn and decrease the amount of violations you may receive. Then have the User Guide up on screen with a 20ish min timer.

There are gonna be those people who don’t follow or look at it but they will end up learning the hard way.

Me aswell

I agree for a certain filter in the expert server. There’s nothing more annoying than one guy deciding to take off on the opposite side of the runway in the middle of a busy airport. Also, we need more ATCs

Get real. There are many things that are a lot more annoying. Like trying to practice night landings while some other “expert” troll wants to play Virtual Aerial Grab Ass, and the only “solution” is for me to end the flight; not cool. And It is bad enough that I have to maintain 180 Landings over 90 days. (Like I don’t have a job, a family, school, and a life outside of IF.) That mark needs to come down. If I have to pass an “expert” test to stay at Expert, I will delete my account.