Advance test when?

Hello I want to be an advance controller but the test isn’t still not ready when he is ready
When comes the test. Comes It soon or not comes it this week or not.
Pleas when

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We do not know when it will come! The recruitment team are working on a website that we can go to so we can go through the testing procedures!
they will make an announcement when the testing resumes but for now just hang tight! It’s coming but so is Christmas but you just gotta bite the bullet and wait!

Ole thanks

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We don’t have the exact date and time, it is almost done. Don’t forget the creator of the testing site is making with his own free time and unpaid.


Oke but the site is almost ready?

The really most come more advance controllers and the advance controllers most also control on advance server I see always at least one advance controller at playground


As someone said, the new website is in the works, and will soon be done. We know there are sometimes not a lot of controllers controlling at some times, this is due to time zones and other factors. Also, we could have used the testing system we used for a while ago, but from what I have heard, it was not working and there were bad guys who could not do ATC who passed. So my question, do you prefer quantity over quality as another user said? I would prefer quality, although if you would like quantity, the playground offers it, and some guys control pretty good :)

//Advanced controller 1

Quality of course

I’m not getting much time on it right now, but it’s nearly ready :)


Hopefully I really want to make that test to be an legal advance ATC and not with an bug

Just be patient the testers are hard at work! :)

Ok I shall wait I hope it will be soon ready

God…How much stuff do you do😂😂