Advance Server reported !!

When i flew at advance server, I fly F-22 with 789 kts after that i got report .i was flying above 100FL. I just don’t know what rules did i break.

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As long as your 550 kts GS below 40000 ft you will not be ghosted.

A new rule is in place where you can’t go 550 kts GS below 40,000 feet. The fighter that you were in can go any speed above that altitude.


What was your callsign?

@Austin_Ma I ghosted you because you were flying 826 kts GS at FL170 right in the middle of several flights. There were almost 70 flights in Singapore during that time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

He wasnt the guy that was trolling you.


Check the official post for the correct info of the rules.

Loading screen isnt the best solution since most people never read anything anyway. We are working on an in-app solution though.