Advance server ATC bug I am not an advance ATC

Hello I can be an ATC on advance server and free flight server
But I am not an advance ATC and on free flight server I also can be one controller I don’t know how

Why did you put it in general then?

Moved to bugs.

That ain’t no bug
You are not allowed to be atc in the advanced server, because only people who have been tested and are good at ATCing are allowed to control on the advanced server. Also the freefight server doesn’t have ATC. Close this topic.

Now but I can wel be an ATC on free flight server and advance server

Look on the free flight server on 1500 Zulu then I be an ATC on free flight server at KSFO

I wil go to sfo at 1500 then and check

Just to be sure, you CAN be advanced atc and have been controlling on the advanced server? Or can you not and are just wondering how to become a controller on advanced?

Check PM voor Nederlands :)

Can you go to sfo again

On free flight

Everyone go to free flight server and the go to KSFO I go to control of someone comes look

I want to see this. Spawning now

I am there waiting. No ATC active…

Oke I come

Come NOw I aan there

Wow he did it… How did you do this?

Come to free flight I ma at ksfo atc

Okay you’re there. I saw you on the advanced server at EDDL, and on the free flight server at KSFO just now

@DS2001 Thanks for finding this bug. The Advanced ATC crew kindly asks you to only control on the playground server.

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yes but When comes the test for advance becuse I really want to be advance ATC legal pleassss When