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Fairly new user here, enjoying using the free options and learning to navigate around California. What’s obvious about this Sim is how beautifully optimised it is for Mobile. It strikes a really practical balance between flight control detail and usability on a smaller screen.

I’m looking forward to upgrading to Pro and making the experience more immersive, but am surprised that I can’t find any real details about how things work in the Pro world… The help files are all about flying and atc techniques, but nothing that gives an overview of what you actually do to get going…

Perhaps there are some links and resources I have not found, and I’d be grateful for any pointers towards these, but if not then here are a few questions that have been bugging me, and it would be reassuring to have a good idea before I dive in and start paying…

What is the starting point after getting a subscription? How do you “train” in the training server? Do you have to do circuits in a 172 and get marked? How do you start a flight with atc on the casual server? How do atc know about your flight plan? Can they see your flight plan? Can you fly a jet on a short haul route straight away or do you have to pass training steps first?

Maybe there is a lot more help info available after buying a sub, but I’m the sort of person who likes to read up before.

Anyway, thanks for any tips and pointers on these questions!


Hello, @mcgregni

Glad to see your interest in getting pro. To answer a few of your questions once you purchase pro you will receive access to all aircraft in the game and access to the casual server. On the casual server you will have access to unicom. Unicom is a type of ATC where pilots talk to pilots meaning you announce things like departures and taxing. Don’t get frustrated in the causal server as many users misbehave there. Once your reach certain stats you will reach the training server. This link will help you with understanding the grade table.

In the training server a real person will be ATC. Yes, they can see your flight plan. They can see info about your flight such as speed, altitude, flight plan, and more. The more you fly the better you will be as a pilot, the training server is there to prepare you for the expert server.

In the expert server things become very realistic the ATC must be trained to control there and if you don’t follow the rules they can report you. Being report will result in you being removed from the expert server for 7 days but as long as you fly responsibly this won’t be a problem. Here are the expert server rules

Overall it is a great place to be and once you fly more you will understand more.

Hope this helps you, Feel free to PM if you have anymore questions.


I see, so in the casual server you can buzz around with unicom… You need to earn points by flying before joining the training… Great to know, thanks!

Thanks Delta18, some good starting points there, I’ll check out the links!

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You basically have to just build your own staircase to the expert server. Just fly, practice, and learn from your mistakes.

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👍Looking forward to that thanks

Just learn from mistakes. For example, I was always overspeed at 10000ft when I was a beginner in IF. So I have learned that in 28000ft you need to reduce speed and not to have a big decent rate.

Good point… So far I have only gone up to around 15,000ft, enough to clear the mountains! I doubt I’ll have the patience for long haul flights… I enjoy the scenery too much!

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