Advance ATC

Also one other thing to add - there needs to be a process outlined for what ATC members do when they’re PMd. Do they report it to someone else, who then documents and presents it to the community as something that has been mentioned about their procedures, so the community is then aware of what has been reported and dealt with? Another reason for having public threads is that it’s beneficial for everyone to have visibility of what’s happening and opens discussion up to improving the realism of the simulator. So unless that is also accounted for when you PM ATC, then there’s really no grounds for anyone to enforce a rule saying otherwise.

Why? Why does having a complaint against a person on a simulator for poor atc have to be a big deal? Documentation? Procedures? Dear lord

Because it’s causing rife in the community and there’s no one managing, just everyone complaining? Being a simulator we are aiming to make it realistic; but if there can’t be proper communication between everyone then it’s going to fall on it’s arse, which is clearly evident the way things have been recently.

yeah, you know they just not appropriate for ATC as you say, but still do;( However not all of them are doing it on their purposes I think like just their mistake or so.

@TopGrob93 @Zachary_Meir_Tish looking to work on advanced atc. have atc experience and know rules. let me know. thank you!

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