Advance ATC

Well the playground is supposed to be a server so atc can learn the ropes. If you want a better experience I recommend flying on the advanced server. :)

It is all about timing. Remember there are far less advanced atc than playground atc. Even though there are less advanced we always try to give pilots the best experience.

There are a lot of ATC active right now on the advanced server. You choose, Hawaii or Denver

but barely anyone is on the advanced server

Probably because every time we get on we get complaints.

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what do you mean?

It seems that every time an advanced controller gets on there are multiple complaints on IFFG and on the forum.

what type of complaints. sorry i just never saw it probably because I’m new

People like to pick through a controller to find anything they can to complain about. Just wait and you will see multiple posts against advanced atc on the forum.

ok, but its not going to shut down? i see during events like yesterdays, they are like 70 users on advanced atc servers

For example the controller said my pushback was approved but there was a plane behind me. When anyone else would know that as soon as the plane is taxing you can pushback. No it is not going to shut down but advanced atc moral is low due to the complaints all the time.

Awesome! Welcome back John!

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i found one. Honolulu ATC (Advanced Server) - #5 by thisisgraham
i agree. I hope infinite flight can fix this issue and hopefully get rid of complaints. Or maybe get rid of the free flight server and add something a bit more harder like advanced atc but not as “hard” as it.

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You would think if the morale was low, that something would be done about it. From what I’ve seen, there’s a tendency in the community of Pilots vs ATC - and ATC are the ones who hold all the power. Whenever a pilot questions that power, it’s the preference in the community that they keep it private so nothing becomes public knowledge.

I’d suggest a better process needs to be implemented to manage the community, as well as interactions between ATC and Pilots. I know many pilots feel a need to vent because a) They can’t in game; b) They get ghosted (or have the fear of being ghosted) and have no means of finding out why; and c) There is nothing on the forum similar to a policy of how to complain or raise issues with ATC; nor a list of who the advanced ATC controllers actually are so you could PM them if need be.

Like I said in another post, there’s little to no management of the community, and the morale of ATC won’t improve until that happens. If it doesn’t, then your pilots will be ghosted, they’ll complain, and to be honest I’d be surprised if it doesn’t start to impact the financial gain of FDS when their simulator experience diminishes.

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Well I am open to criticism as long as it is one on one with me and not for the whole forum to see. If you have a complaint against an atc who you cannot find on the forum pm a controller who is on the forum so the info can be transmitted.

Yes but re-read what I said - where is there a centralised, formalised and documented repository of handling complaints and/or questions to ATC? I haven’t seen one, so I don’t know if it exists - but if it does it isn’t easily accessible, which is Knowledge Management 101! Maybe someone who manages the community, along with someone who manages ATC should put their heads together and formulate a thread, lock it, and pin it where everyone has access to information necessary.