Advance ATC

I want to be an advance ATC and Need an recuiter pleas contact me if you are an recuiter

Since when @TopGrob93 & @Zachary_Meir_Tish became recruiters?

John says hè isn’t an recuiter

TopGrob is Dale. As far as I know, Zachary Tish is a recruiter (he’s the one who arranged my practical).

Oké I Will ask him

TopGrob is Dale, Zachary might have arranged as you were tested during the old system

Whoops. Yes, Dale’s a recruiter- I’m sure of it. Zachary gave me the practical last month- he’s currently taking a break from the forums and so forth, which is why you’ve haven’t heard from him.

No hahahah.

Check this :

Say what you will. They tested me during my practical, so I’m calling it as it is.

Dale is not a recruiter. You do not contact him or Zachary Tish. You only contact the recruiting team

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Me and Dale aren’t recruiters. The recruitment team includes of John Preston, Tyler Shelton, Dylan Oakes, Zach Hazen, Mark Denton, Axel Beder and Misha Camp. You were tested as a “spotlight find” I found you controlling and you did very well in my opinion. I suggested you to the recruiters, and they were ready the moment I told them about it. Dale is definitely not a recruier


Okay, my apologies. I confused the recruiters for testers. Makes sense. Thanks!

But who want to test me because John want to test but now not so maybe someone else Will give me the test?

Do you want to give me support abut my ATC skills

Can you spawn in at KSJC now? I want to give you the official test. Also dont say ill call your base, just sequence without saying

That says John to me

Someone want to do the test ?

Hey Dylan, although there have been some changes, feel free to PM anyone one of these people through Facebook or right here in the forums:
Tyler Shelton
Dylan Oakes
Zach Hazen
Misha Camp
Mark Denton
Axel Beder
These people will help understand your current knowledge on this topic, and schedule a practical test with you. Thank you

Oké thanks

i don’t like how anyone can be atc. especially on big airports such as LAX, they cant deal with the pressure and just leave and how other people on other airports will just bother you saying “your on an active airport, contact ontario ground at …” I’m not even near that airport and I’m in the air. ;(