Adv. ATC forgot me on the Runway

Hey guys,

I was on the Advanced Server in Kahului Intl. After taxiing to Rwy 02 I requested take-off and the ATC wanted me to line up and wait, so I did. After 2 minutes of waiting, another Aircraft, Southwest 38, requested take-off and got permission for immediate take-off, while I was still sitting on that certain runway. Thankfully, southwest 38 held short and after a while I asked again for take-off clearance. Funnily the ATC told me to hold short, which obviously didn’t make much sense and told Southwest 38 again to take off immediately, so in the end the guy just “drove” past me, which was fair enough, since it could have taken some time otherwise… Since I didn’t know what to do and in order to don’t getting ghosted for blocking the runway I ended the flight…
I’d just like to have the opportunity to speak to the ATC what the problem was, or if eventually I made a mistake?
And even more important, what should or could I’ve done? So if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it!
I also have the name of the ATC but don’t want to write it here in public.
And just to be clear, I do NOT want to criticise you ATC guys in any way! 99% of time, you do absolutely amazing work, even in the most awful conditions!
It was just a slight inconvenience and I want to know how to avoid it in the future.


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Yup, as I wrote, I have his name but don’t want to write it here in public

Thanks for telling, Who was the controller?

You can PM me, I am an Advanced Controller.

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Searched his name already and didn’t find it.
Nah, it’s not that bad. We are all humans and make mistakes. It’s better if they make them in IF than in real life :)


I wrote Thomas already a PM

I know who the controller is.
It’s someone who was a Playground controller until some weeks ago, I thought that they stopped recruiting ATCs…

This is a perfectly formatted complaint thread. It shows the problem and log, but does not publicize the controller’s name. Thank you @X_Wing994


Who told they stopped it? They were testing people who have already done their Theory earlier

We are getting it handled now :)

If you feel you are forgotten just send him another message asking for what you want to do.

Sometimes, the planes are so close to each other so we accidently tap on the wrong plane… happens from time to time :) Thats why spacing is important!

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Thomas will handle it, so there’s no need to be concerned guys.
Maybe, before we close this case, @Thomas_Galvin what should one do if he finds himself in a similar situation?

What happened to you?

Just another controller asking for rather wierd intentions, didn’t name him just posted some log photos and such.

Nah, he had the IFFG thingy in front of his name.Was this also on the advanced server?I hate to say this, but I had already 3 weird incidents in the last 3 weeks, all of them on the advanced server and in 2 of them the ATC controller seemed to have forgotten me, or at least forgotten the commands they issued me before. Maybe a Log like us pilots have would help?

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If a similar situation is unfortunately stumbled upon, remind the controller that you are here. If they still do not respond, after a a few tries, contact somebody (an admin, other controller…etc.) make sure you write down the username and take screenshots.


I was there doing patternwork when this happened. I watched it all transpire in real time. The controller is brand new and probably bit off a little more than he could chew for being new. I’m not making excuses, just stating what I witnessed. It will be handled internally. Thanks for being mature and handling it like an adult.

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