Adria Airways Ceases Operations On Tuesday/Wednesday

Sadly a good reason not to become a pilot. You suddenly have to move wherever a job is available now and that can be anywhere in the world. Must be hard for the families

Wow there is so much airlines going down

Yet another one bites the dust.

Really sad time for Air Travel, my thoughts go out to everyone effected by the recent Airline Closures.

Why is it happening to so many airlines? This is sad

That’s why it’s a good idea to always check how the airline is doing before you apply for the job.

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Guys, Lauda has opened up to the pilots of Adria.

Read this article for more information.

Luckily, the Adria pilots might be lucky, as Vienna isn’t too far from their home, slovenia.


For thé happiness of climate « anti-aviation » supporters

Not all climate supporters are anti-aviation

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Thats not always how it works. As a job-less pilot you pretty much have to take what you get. There are more pilots than jobs and with the Thomas Cook-bankcrupsy and maybe this, the market for pilots will be worse.

What I meant was, when you apply you should go with an airline that is not struggling. EasyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa group, ect. are strong at the moment. I do understand that some pilots have been there a long time and didn’t want to change, but there is always a risk in the aviation industry.

Not quite. There is a pilot shortage at the moment. But with 3 airlines colapsing recently, I’m sure a lot of these jobs will be filled.

I’m also not trying to argue with anyone, I was just giving my opinion :)

Interesting insight on why Adria ceased operations:

Adria Airways was privatised in 2016. It was purchased by AA International Holding, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Munich-based turnaround fund 4K Invest, which has since been accused of mismanaging the company. It purchased a 91.58% stake in Adria at a price of 100.000 euros and later bought the remaining shares in order to secure 100% ownership. The transaction marked its first investment in the aviation sector. Adria sold its brand name to a 4K-affiliated company for eight million euros in 2017, injecting much-needed capital into the airline at the time. In December 2018, Adria Airways absorbed the company STBE through a merger and acquisition. The move increased the airline’s share capital and changed its ownership structure. Its majority ownership (54.3%) was passed onto Stefan Beulertz, a lawyer residing in Malta, who was a close partner of 4K Invest. The Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure, noted, “Minister [for Infrastructure] Alenka Bratušek repeatedly warned that the airline’s sale to the German capital fund was a mistake and that the then government of Slovenia should have found a strategic partner within the aviation industry that would have ensured the long-term existence and development of the carrier”.

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Jesus. These airlines are dropping like flies.

and if you get triggered by the gif, just DM me

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Another week of hope for Adria


Hooters air though.

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Air Adria officially files for bankruptcy, cancelling all flights as of today.


RIP Adria, you will be remembered… ❤ adria-v2


Virgin America stung the most, now they too have been dragged into the mediocrity know as the US airline industry.

The next airline :-(