Adria Airways Ceases Operations On Tuesday/Wednesday

What’s the third one?

Wow, 3 European airlines in one week. Lot of open slots at a lot of airports.

What was the third one?

XL airways


We’ve lost another, Adria Airways will be missed.
3 airlines in one week, what’s happening, the airline world is collapsing.



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Wait, I’m so confused, why did I get a notification that I was linked in that post… 😂


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I’ve been tracking Balkan airlines for a Long time on this website:

Best Aviation website in my opinion.

Anyways, Adria has been having problems since the start of last summer, and the day they were acquired by other airlines. They had trouble, as they had lots of debt to pay, etc. Instead of working on credit, they went on and leased more aircraft. Which didn’t help at all. Free all of this, they will cease operations as Adria hasn’t found a realistic airline to partner with…

RIP Adria… It was nice seeing you in the Airport of Belgrade…

Fellow Balkan friends:

@BosnianAviation, @NeperQiell,

@Matevz_Treven, I’m sorry your home airline had to go through this 😢


Seems like so many European airlines have gone defunct in just the past 2 years. To name a few,

Air Berlin
WOW air
Thomas cook (potentially)

Real shame honestly.

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Sad times…But they will get out of this situation… I hope


SWISS have leased a Saab 2000 from them for some time. As you can see all the flights have been canceled.

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There goes another one… sad days for European aviation. For many people it may sound like a small and irrelevant airline, but it was quite important for the region. For example, my local airport will lose more than 20 weekly flights ☹


Sadly a good reason not to become a pilot. You suddenly have to move wherever a job is available now and that can be anywhere in the world. Must be hard for the families

Wow there is so much airlines going down

Yet another one bites the dust.

Really sad time for Air Travel, my thoughts go out to everyone effected by the recent Airline Closures.

Why is it happening to so many airlines? This is sad

That’s why it’s a good idea to always check how the airline is doing before you apply for the job.

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Guys, Lauda has opened up to the pilots of Adria.

Read this article for more information.

Luckily, the Adria pilots might be lucky, as Vienna isn’t too far from their home, slovenia.


For thé happiness of climate « anti-aviation » supporters