Adria Airways A319


Todays request is Adria Airways A319 livery it would be great to see more of Slovenian liveries in Infinite Flight.

Credit<— Click

About Adria Airways:

About A319:

If you like this livery make sure to give it a vote!

Happy landings!

Nice livery 👍

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Thank you! If you like it make sure to give it a vote :D

Great livery!
I remember this airline used to fly to my hometown-airport, ENCN. Only difference was that they were using the MD80 on the route.

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Thanks! That must have been quiet some time back :)

Yes its many years ago now. Best guess somewhere between 2009-2011.
Sadly im out of votes, but i def support this livery:)

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Thank you very much!

Nice one, would love to see it soon

Thanks! If you like it give it a vote :D

I definitely would if i had a free one

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No worries :)

I think this should be added after the recent events. Voted


Thank you!

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