Adobe Illustrator Logo design

Good day! So I downloaded Illustrator for the iPad and tried to design my very first logo and would love to have you rate it! Beneath is a poll but you can give me feedback too!

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Thanks to everyone participating! I chose to use it as my profile picture till I made a better one

Looks really cool :)

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Thanks for your kind feedback

Brilliant logo - looks great.

However, I feel like this post you have created should fit into this topic:

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It’s nice I give u a 10

Huh? What do you mean?

Instead of creating loads of unnecessary topics, try to find one that fits into it.

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Aah, I thought there was a problem with my post. 🤦‍♂️
You just used that as a link to the Profile Picture topic. 😂😂

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But that’s where I can request a logo… I wanted to ask for a opinion on my selfmade logo

Some people also do that, where they ask others to rate their logo they have created for themselves. Have a scroll through that thread :)

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