Adobe Illustrator Aircraft liveries

Is this good? I made this during my school year in my Computer Graphics class in 11th grade. Made this last year 2015-16 school year on Adobe Illustrator on an iMac. I have more photos like these. I used a template of the aircraft type, then make all the windows, doors, and other stuff before I do the livery. Then I do the livery. The Northwest Livery was easy, but took some time to make the red tail. What do you think?


Nice job, must’ve took a lot of work!

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Excellent graphics! Well done!

The CRJ needs these…


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Thanks! Took a week to do since I had the class for only 45 mins in the morning.

It sucks! JK, it looks real good. You should draw some planes for the drawing thread.

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This looks amazing!

You have no idea how many planes I draw. Too many LOL.

I made this while I was in Game Design/Graphics class (Also 2015-16) This was during free day, took me a whole hour to make. I can do things quick if I am not disturbed when making planes in Adobe Illustrator. Same with the CRJ200, I used a template to make everything, then do the liveries. I made up these airlines, but I do have my own personal Virtual Airline called Aviation Airways, which I came up with. I hope you also like!


very cool! I could never do this haha

Oh yes you can, just have to try dude :3, I never did this before, so I made it because I wanted to do something new. So anyone can do this if you put your time and effort into it :3

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