Adnan's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED @KSAN)

I’m trying to become and it would help me loads if you guys could come do some patterns for me at KSAN I’ll be on there for the next hour and I’ll be on ground and tower

look forward too seeing you there!

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If you are going to do this, i would recommend making an ATC Tracking Thread!

I have turned this into an ATC Tracking Thread, where you announce whenever you open a frequency. Make sure to edit the title saying [OPEN] when you control and [CLOSED] when you are done controlling. Good luck!

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thank you thomas that is very much appreciated :)

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I just spawned at KSAN and noticed you weren’t there.

As @Thomas_G mentioned, please make sure you update your thread’s title when you open and close, to avoid people spawning and you not being there.

I’ve now updated your title. Over to you now to maintain it.

Happy controlling! 😊


Thank you very much, I am new to this all and I am still learning. I’ll keep this is mind now thank you :)


I am on now until 1720Z

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I’m coming. Call sign will be N-SAMG

Sorry , callsign is TGV-001

Instead of telling aircraft to extend downwind just sequence the aircraft

Hi, I was PIZZA. Overall you did pretty well. However when clearing an aircraft in the pattern to land instead of “PIZZA Cleared to Land Runway 27” you need to say “PIZZA cleared for the option runway 27, after the option make right/left traffic”
Besides that try to expedite things by using only one runway for departures.

I wanted to use only one side of the runway for landings and departures to have everything in order but everybody wanted different runways and thanks for the advice I appreciate it.

thank you will keep that in mind.

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In your tracking thread, you can put which runways you will be using for takeoff. For example, you can format your thread like follows.


Departing Runways: 27

Landing Runways: 27

Pattern Work: Allowed

Doing this in your tracking thread will make people who come for pattern work use only the runway you wish them to use. ;)

Never be bullied into using both ends of the same runway - a disaster. You cannot line someone up on one end whilst someone is landing on the other. You are asking for a fireball. I suggest you watch all the tutorials on you tube if you have not already. Also practice on airport with two runways. I’ll come back in a few weeks and see how you’re getting on.

thank you @Gotcha I appreciate the help.

Thank you @Michael_O_Sullivan I appreciate the support it means a lot.

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