Adnan’s ATC tracking Thread [CLOSED @OTHH]

If your available could you please pop down and some patterns for me so I can get better at ATC
Open Till 1830Z
Departing Runway : 16R
Landing Runway : 16L
Pattern work : allowed

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You should still be able to use this thread:

Please post all of your openings there. Thanks :)


I am my way to help you out! :)

Call sign: G - BWND

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thanks for coming it’s much appreciated :)

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will do :)

Hey there,

I have feedback for you, and you seem to be first time controlling.

  • We contact first to you for taxi command. When I joined, you just to tell to taxi to 16R right away.
  • No need to tell me to enter left downwind after I took off left traffic.
  • Extend downwind mean to keep going on downwind to let departure to takeoff. There was no need to do that.
  • It’s all on a pilot choice to keep going on downwind if there is no one at the airport and you told me to enter the left base.
  • I recommend to watch Infinite Flight ATC tutorials.

thank you @Gabe_Z for the advice i now know where to improve on.

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Feedback is virtually the same here from me! Would you like me to give you a full report via PM?

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