Adnan_Rashid’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED) @N/A

hi guys i have passed my written exam I need a bit more practise and I should pass the practical

if anyone can come and fly patters that would help a lot, also dont forget to give feedback

RUNWAYS : 6L and 6R

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I think this is an ATC related topic, I’m not a TL3 but can some1 edit it. Also great topic.

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my bad, changed it.

Not a problem 😉😉

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Coming in now!


awesome! i appreciate it

Sorry guys had to close early, not many people were joining and i am taking part in the flash flight

Can’t really give a complete feedback with so little time, so here’s a brief one (CC-NPR):

  • Transition was good.
  • Pattern entry was good.
  • Clearance missed the traffic direction – Remember that every time you have an inbound aircraft for touch and go or runway change, you must give a traffic direction after the T&G.

Enjoy the Flash Flight, see you around.

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Hi. I was in the DC10.

Your session was a little short to make an overall judgement

One thing was - you didn’t have to tell me to contact tower while I was taxiing to the runway. When you give a taxi instruction, it literally ends with “contact Tower when ready.” You don’t have to say that again.

Another thing - maybe you did it already, but I didn’t see you give the other guy a transition. Or him request it from you. Either way, the vertical spacing between us seemed a little close. I was flying my pattern at 1500, he seemed to be about 500 feet above me. The direction of his pattern also seemed unclear.

Hey guys I’m open now at PGUA if you could come and join and give feedback that’d be greatly appreciated

N12 @Channel_Skai

there is no need to call inbound if you have taken off from an airport and you are taking off remaining in
the pattern.

i have already assumed that you are doing touch and go’s you just have to take off, turn crosswind and wait for my sequence and/or clearance

Hey, I stopped by quickly as G-TJRA. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer, however nice work!

It was only me in the pattern so couldn’t see your sequencing ability etc. Good pattern entry on my initial inbound, runway change and directional clearance. Exit command seemed well timed. No huge issues spotted, hopefully can attend with some more traffic next time and can give further feedback. The only thing I would say is that you didn’t need to clear me again after I reported full stop. I was just letting you know, a simple response with “roger” would’ve been fine. Since you cleared me for the option, I am free to touch and go, stop and go, full stop, low approach etc.

Thanks for the service! Best of luck on your IFATC journey!


thank you for your time! much appreciated. ill let you know if it gets busy

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@CaptainSooraj why are you requesting patterns at PGUA and doing touch and gos at PGUM?

My bad. That was on me.

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So since the traffic was very limited I didn’t see too many problems. I also tried testing you when I said " inbound for landing " to see whether your would clear me land or say avoid unnecessary reports. Also the first time I was taxiing to 06R there was no need to tell me to contact tower as already said in the previous taxi clearance " Taxi to Runway 06R , contact tower when ready. As I was already going to do that. But that was really the only thing I saw other then that sequencing was good , although I couldn’t really see anything because traffic was not too much . But anyway have an nice day and happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it.

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Sorry about that. The MD11 has a weird layout, and was still getting used to the landing profile.

Overall, pretty decent job though. I’d still say on Ground, you don’t need to tell the aircraft to contact Tower when they’re taxiing to the runway. When you instruct them to taxi to the runway the instruction literally ends in “contact tower when ready.” They’ll contact you when they get to the hold short line, don’t worry.

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thank you for your time! and yes ill keep that in mind. ive been on PGUA for 50 minutes and only 3 people joined:(

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haha its okay, i was just super confused, i did say check assigned runway 3x i thought youd get what i was saying. and yes about the contact tower when ready bit. i did know that i was just rushing

Hi guys im open at OMDB
if anyones available free to pop down