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I hope this report is going to the proper place. If not I apologize. I was just flying a C-17 Callsign Airforce 7. And I asked Approach for a VFR and he granted. I continued on and requested frequency change to KSEA Tower. He granted. I contacted KSEA Tower and was also granted clearance to land runway 16L. I was practicing my crosswind landings in this particular aircraft. Tower informed me to enter left base 16L. I complied. I entered LB 16L. I began my final approach at approx. 200-220kts. (((Airspeed))) Then Approach contacted me to contact them back. I complied 7 seconds later. At the 3 second mark I was reported by the Approach Controller “AtrzMartinez” or something very similar. You will know who he is if you know all Expert Server Controllers. Now I went from G4 to G2 because of this. It’s going to be a full week before I get my respected Grade 4 back. I’m fully aware of how to interact with ALL controllers. I’ve read and watched your own IF tutorials. Unless, I missing something, then this penalty was given out of turn. And there needs to be a little button the Admins or Devs can push to give the proper Grade back. In case of a wrong report or penalty. And to me personally, it seriously seems like the ATC just love abusing their powers by ghosting people. There’s never a warning. Just POOF! But what do I know. I’m just a paying customer.


Please contact @art_martinez ;)
Also, read this topic for more info on ghosting:




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I can see the confusion here with the limited ATC commands in IF.

Technically, you can cancel your IFR and proceed VFR at any time, especially once you have the field in sight. Approach can approve your cancellation with ‘IFR cancellation received, proceed on course, squawk VFR’… it won’t however be done at Bravos, but more so Charlie and Deltas.

However in IF, there’s no way for approach to allow cancellation of the IFR and refuse to continue the aircraft proceeding to the original airport VFR.

Eg, the aircraft cancels IFR but intends to continue to the field, and ATC approves cancellation but believes the aircraft will go somewhere else. On top of this, traffic in IF dictates that it’s not really feasibly for approach to allow an IFR cancellation and still proceed to the controlled destination.

The nature of IF dictates that if you should remain under control of Approach (IFR) if you intend to land at a currently controlled airport, because in the real world, Seattle approach ain’t just letting you cancel IFR and go VFR into the 16’s amongst everyone else