Adjusting View and Throttle Issue

I’ve been having this issue for a while now, and its been preventing me from playing the app from how annoying this issue is.
After spawning in at a gate, I will plug in a flight plan, and do preflight, all the usual stuff. However, usually around the time I’m getting to the runway at the end of my taxi, two things will happen at once:

  1. The Throttle will stop responding to my inputs.
  2. I lose the ability to pan around in any view!

The throttle will, however, respond normally to autopilot.

iPad Air 2
IOS: 11.4.1
Infinite Flight up to date.
There isn’t much to screenshot since a screen recording or screenshot does not have the ability to show where my finger is.


There is pointer (finger) in the setting.

Hi there,

Sorry you are experiencing this. In order to see if we can get things back in order please do the following:

  • Close the app and restart your device

  • If that doesn’t resolve your issues delete the app from your device and reinstall

Also, does this happen after tapping on aircraft from the minimap? If so please let us know since this might be something that was brought to our attention recently.


As Gabe mentioned you can enable the “show touches” function in your IF settings. A screen recording will be of great assistance as well to see if we can reproduce this.

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Next time I fly i will see what i can do!


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