Adjusting button size


I just redownloaded IF and the screen is zoomed in so much that it cut off part of the landing gear button. The scrollbar isn’t responding. How should I adjust the button size?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to adjust the button size. To further improve your experience, can you provide your device so the team can make an internal note on this if or when they see this issue?

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It’s an Iphone 11. The buttons seem right on my sister’s iphone 11, so I’m not sure why it would be different here.

And can you confirm you both have the exact same IPhone 11 model?



The free cameras seem more zoomed in than usual as well.

Go to Settings → Display & Brightness. In the bottom, you’ll find “Display Zoom” in the bottom. If that one is set to “Zoomed”, you get this button size issue.


Okay, that fixed it.

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