Adjusting aircraft tag transition times for Controllers

As highlighted by my topic here:

1 or 2 updates ago, the airplane tags for multiplayer were changed to a format looking something like this:

[IFC-Joseph Krol]
A321 220kts 15NM 5000ft

My problem with the new tags is not the style itself, but rather where the name/callsign are displayed. The transitioning between the display name and the tag now fades in and out instead of instantly changing. This adds some extra time between name changes. As an IFATC controller, controlling ground has become a tad more annoying. I say this because I occasionally need to leave the radar screen and go to a camera view to ensure an aircraft’s location on the ground and/or proximity to other aircraft. Having to wait these extra seconds is becoming a hassle, and these seconds add up to lost time.


I propose one or both of two things:

  1. Shorten transition times; make the fade in/out faster, or remove it completely and revert to the old instant transition.

  2. Elongate the amount of time the callsign is shown on screen to controllers.

This saves time for the controllers, and allows ground controllers to control a little bit more efficiently and pinpoint aircraft location faster.