Adjustable transparency for ATC menu

I play IF on a phone, and one of the most annoying issues I face is that the ATC menu covers the speed and heading indicator and the horizon on the HUD. Even worse on live instruments the entire PFD gets covered.
The easiest fix would probably be to add optional transparency for the ATC menu so every thing below is still visible. This should be optional (not necessary on tablets). The map should probably still be hidden when the menu is up or the layers would get messy.

What are you doing on the ATC menu that requires you to have it open for more than a few seconds?


Looking for the emergency fuel declaration maybe?

Probably to say intentions of landing or vectors

@n587kk @Vidal99977

It doesn’t take more then a few seconds to request anything. Regardless of what it may be. I used to play on an iphone 6. I never complained. I never had issues. Approach gave me vectors i confirmed i received them, and then change heading and everything. Even on my ipad. I don’t change anything until i’ve read back the vectors to approach.
I had a solid 10 messages sent with an approach before, because of a go around. Again i never had issues with the menu…

Was a joke, highlighting the point it’s never there (because it usually doesn’t need to be at that point even though fuel is showing in the red, but some still search for it)

But then again, his hand eye coordination may not be as fast as yours. Device could be smaller. Endless possibilities. Sure he’s suggested the feature from his own experience, wouldn’t say he’s complaining as such, chill out.

Do you open the ATC menu to reply to every command? If so, you can just hold down on the headset when you need to respond to a command.

I wouldn’t agree that changing the opacity would be a benefit. It would make it very hard to read the commands and log.


Wouldn’t it just be harder to see with a transparent atc menu?

Pfft, come on. You even have A/P that tells you the current settings for each factor, and I think you can count on that.

If you are referring to manual flying, that’s a bit different. Sure you can’t trust A/P, but it’s not like the blocked HUD and other whatnot will cause you to…idk, crash? stall? Whatever. I recommend that you use @Trio 's tip (even I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like a nice solution).

A few seconds takes up nothing of your time. If you’re really nervous about not being able to see speed, alt, vs, etc. then wait for a safe moment to open the atc menu and respond. It’s not that difficult.

Even if the live cockpit is completely covered up, I’ll still refer to the same thing:

A few seconds.

Although it’s appreciable on being optional, this probably won’t get added. We can infer reasonably, that a few seconds of being in the blind is something we can get used to, and I’m sure you can too.