Adjustable Default Cockpit/ Live Cockpit Viewing Angle

First of all I’d like to apology if this has been requested before. I have searched but cannot find an exact requested feature that I’m about to describe.

Adjustable default cockpit/ live cockpit viewing angle.
Currently, when we are in cockpit/ live cockpit view we can adjust viewing angle by pinching in/out the screen but when we double tap the screen it will always go back to default angle.

In my phone (iPhone) I have a good view of the cockpit which covered part of the cockpit/live cockpit that I wanted to see. But on my iPad I have to adjust the angle a little by zooming out the screen to match the view of the phone. This is because my iPhone has a wider screen ratio than my iPad.

It would be nice if we can adjust default cockpit/live cockpit view in setting. We can adjust how many degrees of the cockpit/ live cockpit view we want to have in the game and that setting will be the new default when we double tap the screen.

On my iPhone

On my iPad

Thank you.

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Are you saying this is a bit like adjusting the viewing angle, for example in Minecraft, where you can get a wide angle view?


When you’re inside the aircraft after you click “Fly” from the menu then select the cockpit/live cockpit camera (2nd from left I think) thats your default centre view angle. You can zoom out/in, look around, but when you double click the screen it will go back to default centre view. This default centre view cockpit/live cockpit is different depends on your device screen ratio. On my iPhone, which is wider, I can see more parts of the cockpit (from left to right) whereas on my iPad since its not as wide as the phone due to screen ratio, I have to pinch/zoom out a little bit to get the view I want.

Do you get the idea? I will post a screenshots from my iPhone and iPad for comparison. Also Im sorry, I never play Minecraft on my mobile devices so I have no clue on your analogy. :)

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I support this idea! However, it would also be nice if we could adjust other cameras, as for instance de passenger/window cameras, to have different wing-engine views during any phase of the flight!

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