Adjustable Braking Slider

The old thread hasn’t gotten anything in over a year, and this one has already been over 3 times more successful in terms of votes, and so in my opinion this one should stay (although obviously my opinion doesn’t really matter). But anyway, about the topic…

I believe this is a great idea, and as this doesn’t specify which brakes need the slider, I’ll talk about both kinds. The purpose of this is for wheel brakes, which we definitely need. Instead of a slider, though, I feel like it should be a dropdown of the current brake button. It can be an autobrake setting, with 1, 2, 3, MAX, and Parking/RTO, to match the real setting (parking and RTO would be the same because there isn’t a way to set RTO brakes and that isn’t really necessary until we have failures). This would be set before landing or when on the ground, as to get rid of the short stops when taxiing or exiting a runway. I believe they shouldn’t be able to engage unless the nose wheel is on the ground, but can be armed prior to that (prevents nose slams).

Currently the rudder slider that was referred to is an option, but it is very hard to use it in a stable/straight way. Not to mention, the rudder slider is practically the same as the button and is only really effective at 100%. For those of you that don’t understand it, take a plane and drag the rudder down. The physical slider will not move down, but you will get braking action if you pull down far enough.

The second part of this is spoilers. Aircraft in real life have much more spoiler control than we have in Infinite Flight. While the spoilers in the game work well enough on most aircraft, some planes like the 777 would need much more effective ones, and it wouldn’t hurt to add them all around. Spoilers should be a slider, with percentages from 0-100, and then maybe an “armed” option included somewhere there.

There’s my unnecessarily long take on this subject, and it definitely has my vote.


It used to variable long time ago. The more you slide down, the harder it brakes. I don’t know why they changed that.

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Yeah that’s what I use. I don’t think it has adjustable brake force.

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Wouldn’t be opposed at all. Sometimes I just feel the plane stops wayy too quickly for my liking. I’d like make full use of the runway available but I usually end up stopping in less than half the length. Got my vote!

Tried sliding down using rudder button, works well when slowing down to taxi speed from landing speed. Doesn’t work at all for other situations like slowing down for a turn during taxiing. There’s no legit ‘variable braking’ system in IF. When u slide the rudder down the wheelbrakes aren’t doing the job, it’s the nose wheel moving left and right vigourously that does the ‘braking’. Yeah, you can say it’s braking as the plane slows down but the wheelbrakes aren’t used.

If I am understanding this correctly you are asking for a new braking system that is unneeded but would be nice since most people don’t know about the brake if you pull downwards on the rudder to slow down.

I’m one of them before you pointed it out. However, I’ve tried using it and it isn’t much of a workable brake and it shouldn’t be used as a brake. Hence, I’m coming up with the idea of a new braking system where the name serves its purpose, to slow down an aircraft using actual wheelbrakes.

I feel like to make it more realistic it would be better, in my opinion, to have the autobrake function, such as high, medium, low & rto. Having a slider just doesn’t seem realistic.

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I agree that this would be nice. In my opinion the following would be the best way to implement the feature.

You could click on the brake button which would open a dialogue box similar to the current Systems box, except at the bottom of the screen. In it would be a small slider that could be adjusted downwards to increase braking power. It would stay selected (like the throttle) until changed again.

(This could also work with spoilers, but that’s a different topic)

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That’ll be useful for pilots who’re lazy to keep their fingers on the slider. But it’ll not be good for ppl like me who always forget to release the brakes and end up braking till a complete stop which is not what I want when I’m still not off the runway.

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Hi. I think your suggestion very impirtant because i thought about this many times. But the slider like the power wouldn’t be a great option for this. I think it would be better to have two buttons : one for manual braking like we have now; and one that looks like the spoilers button. I explain myself a bit more : it would be called « autobrakes ». When on final, you would set a position if the piwer if the brake (BTV,1,2,3 etc) when landed, the brake would brake automatically at the force you set

That was my idea, I not sure if you understood me well (I’m french, sorry 😊) but I think it could add much realism to IF (I hope the developpers will see this post;) )

Happy landings !

Actually brakes are applied 2 or more seconds after touchdown 😁

I am not a huge fan. For sake of our screens not being covered in buttons some stuff needs to be spared, and I think this is one of them…


I was actually thinking about the same thing. I would love to see a more realistic braking operation in IF.


It actually depends on how long the runway is, and how hot you want your brakes to be. (I am Military aircrew, I know what I’m talking about).

If you have a 12,000’ runway and your terminal is at the far end of it, you can roll out with no wheel braking and as little (or no) reverse thrust as you’re allowed, and you’ll be close to taxi speed by the time you’re ready to turn off. In that case, the brakes only absorb enough energy to get you from maybe 60-80 knots down to 20-30, since the drag devices lose most of their effectiveness by that point.

On the other hand, on a really short runway, you may be getting on the brakes immediately after touchdown, which means that the amount of time that you’re dissipating energy due to drag (spoilers) and reverse thrust is reduced, and much less energy is lost that way. So in that case the brakes get a great deal of your kinetic energy.

The case beyond that would be if you didn’t use reverse thrust, your brakes would get nearly all of your energy, with only a small amount dissipated due to aerodynamic drag.

Yes that is true you could do that, but usually in commercial aviation you want to to land and get off the runway as fast and safe as possible. At airports like for Example KEWR the terminals is next to the runway and they are very busy airport with another plane landing behind them, so they need to slow down and ufexit the runway ASAP. Unless Atc tells them to expect as exit at the end of the runway planes would use medium amount of brakes.

Useful feature, can’t believe it’s not been added yet :(

Worth a bump to hopefully get this looked at.

As I believe someone may have mentioned-perhaps the slide down brakes on the rudder could be tweaked to vary with the amount of pull down on the rudder. I had been flying IF for a few years and never knew about the rudder brakes until it was on a “tip” during the loading screen. Totally changed my IF life lol. But I do agree that finer control of the brakes would be great (also spoilers-but that’s for another topic lol)


MaxSez: I’ve found over time that if employed on Approach, setting the IF Brake Button “On” activates an “Auto-Brake/Ant-Skid capability /emulation on all Trash Haulers (exception, Dash8). Disengaging the Brake Button when engaging the spoilers deactivates the Auto-Brake/Anti-Skid permitting the use of the rudder pedal braking capability, as designed, for low speed exit and taxi. Try it you’ll like it… Works for me! MaxSends


Gee Max, I sure hope you’re right about this. I’m anxious to put your theory to the test. How could this “proper operation” not have been previously documented? 🤯