Adjustable Braking Slider

Currently in IF the only way to brake is to tap ‘brakes’ which when activated the aircraft slows down too quickly (especially on small aircraft like the A318, 9, 20 and 21 where the nose gear dips because of the force). It’s not realistic at all and uncomfortable for passengers. I would like to tweak the design of the braking system by introducing adjustable braking power.

How it works:
This adjustable braking power system functions like a brake pedal of an aircraft IRL. On the screen, it will look like a slider that’s exactly like the throttle slider design. Instead of it being named ‘PWR’ it’ll be ‘BRK’. The percentage will still remain to indicate how much brake is applied. The higher the percentage the harder the brake. The reason why it needs to be a slider and not a button is so that the pilot can input the amount of braking power needed to slow down the aircraft a little or make it come to a complete stop immediately (emergency braking). When the user takes his fingers of the brake slider, the wheel brakes would be released (something like how the reverse thrust slider works), this is to ensure that accidental braking would not be made possible.

Possible issues that might occur should it be added:
It might be hard to master for IF pilots to use it during landing because he has to keep his fingers with the reverse thrust and with this adjustable brake system, To solve this issue of difficulty I would suggest practicing.

Most of you have pointed out that there’s already a ‘variable braking’ feature and that this should not be needed. However, the current way of braking gradually is by sliding down the rudder button, which I would say is a hidden feature and furthermore it isn’t really effective. With a separate adjustable braking power system, it’s more realistic and new pilots in IF who’re seeking just that will get the hang of it in no time.

The imaginary ones, right?

Or, integrate the brake slider as part of the power slider so, it does both at once? This would probably be more convenient that a whole separate slider

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Can’t vote but this is a good idea, sort of like the autobrake function?


If there’s only one power slider with both the throttle and braking, that means it accelerates and brakes? Is that what you’re meaning? But then the further you move the slider up the faster it accelerates and at the same time it brakes?


No not autobrake the braking is manually controlled by the pilot but he can decide how much braking input he wants.


No, the braking would only activate when you go into the reverse thrust area. Then after 40 knots, it would stop the reverse thrust and only be a brake

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You are talking about wheels brake right?

Right that sounds like an easier way to master instead of having a separate slider.

Incorrect.The rudder slider, when slid down, actually let’s you use the brakes. Without using the button you’re referring to.

This request isn’t needed.


Yea, what other kinda brake could it be? Not speed brakes, lel

But it’s either 100% on or off, not idea. I’ll let the devs figure it out.

Also incorrect. When your speed is above 60kts, your aircraft is still infront of the reverse thrust meaning no debris enters the intake. However, below 60kts the dirty air created by reverse thrust catches up with the aircraft. Brakes are applied at 60kts, once reverse thrust ceases.


The rudder slider can’t be slid down, only left and right…

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No, he’s right. If you slide the rudder down, it’ll engage the brakes

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If that’s the case and there already is variable braking, they need to do a better job of representing it so that people aren’t always asking about it and we end up talking about it over and over


Our what could be done is there could be a rudder type slider for the brake which would hold its position and not go back to zero automatically. It could appear on tapping the brake button.

This is a neat, original idea! I would like to see this feature implemented in the future. Thanks for suggesting it!

Lol your post reminds me of the first time I brought a plane into the gate 😂

This looks like a request preciously done in Brake by percentage as @Mags885 pointed out.

Remember one thing though: breaking via the rudder does work, by ‘sliding it down’ (it doesn’t actually slide down), but it’s not variable. That was tested.