Adjacent aircraft lights disappear upon engine shutdown

Your Callsign

Emirates 9822 Heavy

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Version Information

20.2 (468)

Device Information

iPad 2018(6th gen)
iPadOs 14.0.1


This usually happens after flights when I shutdown my engines. The nav lights, beacon, etc of the aircraft around me suddenly go dark, APU on or not. I’ve tried doing more flights into busier airports and I have noticed that this bug happens at random.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch flight.
  • Fly to a moderately busy airport
  • Shutdown engines but keep the APU on with my nav lights

Expected results

My engines go off but aircraft lights of adjacent aircraft remained uninterrupted

Actual results

Aircraft lights of adjacent aircraft disappeared

More Information

This is a bug that I first noticed a few weeks ago in Kuwait(20.1). It was much noticeable at night.

When I pulled up to my gate, the Korean had its beacon on as well as their nav lights, but they disappeared after shutdown.

This A350 took off after shutdown, but there was no evidence of strobes. I can’t assess the nav lights as the aircraft was a bit far when I took this shot.