Adii’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey guys I used to be part of IFATC in 2020 and I’m now looking to make a return,

Looking to freshen up my ATC and hopefully be back on the team ASAP.

I’m currently active at **** Training server

If you could come down to help me practise my pattern work that’d be great. You can also fly in from other airports thanks!

the more the merrier!

@FN60fps thanks for coming, i need atleast 5 people tho i might try again later

Thanks for the service @Adii

Here is the feedback from OK-LOL

  • Clearance could’ve been sooner (Ex. After pattern entry). There is not need to wait till base/final.

  • You missed my exit runway. It should be given at 70kts as much as possible.

Otherwise, the rest was good. Take care!

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You’re welcome. Having 5 pilots to fly in a tracking thread could be something difficult to get. Best would be to apply for IFATC to receive training with multiple pilots.

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Tag me next time you open :)

nice one thanks! will do

@Butter575 open @eggd

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How long will you be open?

probs like 30 mins hopefully build some traffic up

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Ok, I don’t think i can make it this time, sorry

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