Adelaide Airport new vision for expansion

Adelaide airport expansion
Adelaide Airport is one of the most modern 1 terminal airports in the world. although this airport is growing with more airlines joining and flying to, the Adelaide airport has released plans for their 20 year vision!
More then 15-20 gates will be added to the terminal with a large expansion to itself. their will also be shopping centres connected to the airport, as well as a connecting hotel. the multi level car park will also be extended giving those millions of passengers who get dropped off an extra part to park in, as well as the drop off area down below.
no runway extensions have yet been announced, but the Adelaide airport runway is fine with landing/takeoff of the a380.
The terminal itself isn’t the only thing that is being re-built, but things like the emergency station and otherparts of the Adelaide airport is also being re done.
photo -


photo - Proposal released for 30-year expansion of Adelaide airport to triple terminal size - ABC News

Edit: half of the airport bridge has been knocked down to start the building of the hotel. the hotel has also begun to be built

check the Adelaide airport website for the video


This is old news, and try not to spam.
This is from 2016

it isn’t really old. it hasent been mentioned here at all

Saw it in a Australian Aviation mag about a year ago.

yeah but not many others have, so its great to spread the news more :)

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