Adelaide Airport Heavies

Hey, just planing my flights this week and saw that Adelaide is featured this week and is a Qantas hub. I just wanted to ask if this airport can take the 747-400, thanks

Yeah you can Adelaide is capable of facilitating 27 Aircraft and 1 A380 if it needed so the 747 is allowed.

Ok, thanks @Joeoreilly77, Ill fly there from India overnight on Friday an I’ll land Saturday morning; want to join me?

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Overnight in what timezone?

Central time. About 9:00pm to 7:30 or 8:00am

I live in Austin so your right above me

If you’d like to start a group flight, I recommend posting in #live:groupflights

dont forget to follow the format though

Ah, okay. 7:30 to 8:00 is early for me. I could be up then though.

Ok, this is over 5 hours thought so It would need to be a event. I’m just making a flight of two

Ok, I’ll PM you and me can chat there and you can tell me if you can make it

Sounds good.

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