Addressing Virtual Airline Topics

Addressing VA Topics

It is a wonderful feeling to see all these new VA’s start up and get going. But as some people have noticed, there seems to be an overflow of topics per VA.

Yes! This category was made for Virtual Airlines but keep it clean. Not everything about your VA has to be put into separate topics.

So what should I keep to a single topic? (Your official topic)

  • VA announcements
  • Website links
  • Advertising (recruitment)
  • Updates

What is safe to be in its own topic?

  • Major updates/announcements
  • Major events (not just flying events)

If you want a proper recommendation about how many topic you’re aloud, than its best to know this: Keep an official topic.

Remember: Spamming the category will cause flagging and they will be closed


Yes it will and if you want to be a regular I suggest you don’t get flagged (:

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Yes exactly :)

@AmericanAirlines is correct, making a more professional and detailed VA topic brings pilots.


I’d rather squeeze everything in one topic but I can’t say much for sure as I don’t use the my VA thread regularly…


Dear new VA "CEO"s,

Please read the above quote very carefully.


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