Addressing Tracking Threads #2

Hey all, it is quite the trend now for tracking threads, especially when a new feature is announced. Its been noticed that people have been continuely creating tracking threads for unnecessary reasons.

Now this may get you likes and make a very popular post, but its not necessary. At this point Ive seen the moderators and forum staff allow livery tracking threads for updates, and if you want more information about that please visit the Status Thread made by @MishaCamp:

Continuing on, announcements and new features don’t have to be tracked. If their announced, they are announced! People have eyes, they have a brain, they can look up more information for themselves. Livery tracking threads are useful so you can see all the information in one place, now your thinking “same with other features”.

Why not?
- Causes masive speculation
- If theres a certain feature, what else is there needed to know.
- Causes off topic banter and chat

Example: New Region!: What is the point of tracking a feature like this? Tracking what airports have been added? Sounds a little silly. (fictional example)

People may find this post a little offending and I apologise. I do not want to direct this at certain people. Some may or may not agree with this, thats fine, we all have an opinion.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for this Skylines! I feel the same way too. I even thought this was gonna be a tracking thread for tracking threads :x

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Ah yes we had a trend on airline opinion some time back so someone said “opinion about opinion threads” 😂

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